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One of my favorite subjects to daughter. But of course, I am a bit biased. ;)
~ once upon a summer's eve ~

{Happy Summer! xoxo, Nei}


Good morning, friends! I'm hoping you all enjoyed the weekend and enjoyed the warm temps on Saturday! Where did Winter go?! (not complaining!)

The hubby and I worked hard this weekend, with bathroom and bedroom remodels happening simultaneously in my hacienda - we're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm really looking forward to the finished products.

I try to be consistent with picking up my camera, at least once a day, to capture a moment, or simply to play and learn.  I especially love photographing my family and my rambunctious pup, Enzo.  Here are just a few shots of moments on Sunday.

{As often as you can, treasure familial moments! xoxo, Nei}



Meet Master Azariah

Best head of curls I ever did see!

{Treasure your child's every moment! xoxo, Nei}

Little Sky

How incredibly adorable is this little nugget, Sky Elizabeth. How I love doing newborn shoots!

{The miracle of a newborn child - God's creation. xoxo, Nei}


Say hello to this little princess, Analise.  What a fun styled shoot this was!


Italy/Greece, August 2016

What a dream vacation! My hubby and I opted to splurge for our 50th birthdays. 
We flew to Venice and spent some time there before boarding the Norwegian Jade and sailing away to 
Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos, and Katakolo Greece.
Santorini has been on my bucket list for places to travel to, so
this was a dream come true.
Truly an unforgettable getaway.

Marco Polo, Venice

A toast to being 50!

Top-notch entertainment on Deck 7, Norwegian Jade.

First stop, Corfu, Greece. Bells atop a monastery.

This beautiful courtyard reminded me of the grandmother's home in "An Affair to Remember."

And of course, door obsession satisfaction...

Entrance to the monastery.

Women are not allowed into the church with bare shoulders and shorts...they are offered scarves and skirts to cover up. :)

A humble dining space in one of the priest's quarters.

Vida mia...

Libros de antigüedad...

So many wonderful little nooks and crannies...

A very old cemetery near a historic church...

One of my favorite parts of our trip...Santorini, Greece.

Not in a in a box.

...or in a basket...

Drooling sessions with so very many antiquated puertas.

Greek-styled jam session.

A most amazing sunset in Santorini...

Old chapel in Mykonos, Greece.

He was cleaning a spotless wall!

Little windows, little doors, little streets, little cars.

I would travel anywhere in the world with him...

Heartbreaking...a young boy  - who seemed not to know of sleep for a couple of days - beggar's cup at his foot.

Popular mode of transportation

Beach day at Katakolo, Greece

Great Italian dining on the ship

{Work hard...fulfill your dreams...xoxo, Nei}

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