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A few of my favorite things...


Some more of my favorite things in my home that I've collected over the years...I love being surrounded by the older items, especially...they each have a unique story to tell.

I love an old clock...

My "railroad station" of my last grabs from Bombay Co. before they closed their doors.

One of the many accessories belonging to my 1940 Singer. I love the colors and the patina on the can.

My old Keebler can...vintage Ingrid Bergman (also shown in my header - with more of my eye candy - at the top of this blog)....antique and vintage postcards and medicinal book all adorn my bookshelves.

Vintage USMC cover....

Old Parcheesi game...a gift from a dear friend.

My official Grand Floridian key...from one of my stays there.

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