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More of My Christmases Past...

I thought I'd share more of my Christmas decorating from the past. 
These pics are posted on Better Homes and Gardens as well. 
I'm super excited for the upcoming Holiday Season, 
and have begun my decorating marathon. 
My work studio is halfway complete! Hooray!

Nieves Christmas '09 - Submitted by: NeidaNieves

                                   carolsiepka says:
Wow! I love your tree. It is very full and looks like it has some dicidudous branches at the top. The tree decorations and the unwrapped gifts of toys make your tree unique. The gold and white make it look antiquee. I am very critical of myself so tend to be that way when I look at other creations. Many of the other designs and photos I do not care for and am surprised at the hight ratings. I guess it's just my taste and no reflection on the designers.

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