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Chronicles of a Nieves Gingerbread Cottage....and more...

This was my first attempt of making a gingerbread house all from scratch. It turned out pretty good!
The trees are ice cream cones turned upside down and covered in fondant and icing.  The lil' wooden pail is also fondant (made by my daughter, Cynthia).

Now ain't that the cutest shovel you ever did see?

It was a "must" to include our pup, Tinky.

a wee cardinal by Cynthia...yep, she's a pretty amazing sculptor.

 Brianna, my daughter-in-law, "pretzeled" this wall and made the wreath. Nice job!
 I had fun making the door! I love a red-cottage-y door!
 Tinky all dressed up with her Christmas scarf.

 Filling in the window cut-outs with sugar.

 first view of our cottage entrance....'twas a snowy day!

 Lights are on...someone must be home!

 Oh, the cute lil' pond....the sculptor - Cynthia's creation. Honey-roasted peanuts, icing, fondant.
 Oops! peppermint stick leaning!  The frosted shredded wheat make for a great cottage-y rooftop.
And the chimney....the yummy peanuts. We ate as we created, of course!

 All done! Come on over!

 An aerial view...

 Nite gathered in the living room, near the cracklin' fire...Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nite!

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