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I had so much fun planning for this party. I've seen plenty of these table awnings on Pinterest and I absolutely adore them!  The design for these is extremely simple, and I had enough scrap wood in my basement to have one built .  Most of the wood is recycled from an old canopy bed that belonged to my girls when they were little, so very little was spent on the contruction part of it. I used Rustoleum Glossy White spray paint, 2 coats.

Unbelievably so, I had a difficult time finding the right red and white fabric for the awning so I purchased an inexpensive red cotton fabric and added strips of white ribbon to get the effect I wanted. Cost for the fabric was approximately $30.

And those sweeeeet little vintage ice cream shoppe chairs----a whopping $2.50 EACH!
Seriously, God just has a way of putting these items right smack in my path. :)  These were found at another flea market...they were guess what I did???  Uh, huh.

The large candy props were made by my super talented friend, Yvonne. She is one fab girl! For this party, she made super-duper sized Now&Laters, Pixie Stix, bon-bons, Skittles, M&Ms...they were so much fun and a huge hit for the kiddos!

Half the my props on the table were either found in flea markets, thrift shops, my basement, etc.  I love to keep it as frugal as I possibly can!  The center piece with the chalk sign was something I picked up at a thrift store for $6. I love that it has drawers so I can place little things in!  Its original color was a dark brown of course, it was attacked by Mr. Rustoleum White gloss as well.  It has a mirror which I covered with chalkboard contact paper.  I was so proud of my hand lettering! I didn't think I could do it, but with a few practice runs, it turned out quite nice, as did the menu which you'll see below.  The beautiful white drawer in the center was a sidewalk find! These drawers ( i picked up several) were in tip-top shape! They were in excellent condition and when I drove by them they literally SCREAMED "PARTY TABLE---PICK ME UP!"  Once again, its original color was an oak stain....but, yes - out came the Rustoleum. :)

The mirrored trays were also flea market finds---$4! And those lovely milk glass canisters holding the scoops were .99 cents each! Yeah, baby!

'Tis moi...

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was to find this mirror. $7 buckaroos!  Another thrift store find. Wait, what was that you asked? Did I paint it?   Well....yes, of course!  Another opportunity to try some handlettering.  Not bad, eh?  And my new addiction---Chalk Markers! Woohoo! Life is Goooood!

I love working with chalk can wipe away mistakes easily with a damp cloth.

This pic turned out a bit fuzzy, but here's the menu at the party hall.  We made a gazzillion of colorful pom-poms, as you can see.

This is one of my mirrors that normally hangs in my work room.  I broke out the chalk markers again...  This sign was displayed on the beverage station.

There I in hand, as always...

It really doesn't take much to build a sweet, sweet boutique!

And we've all seen quite a few versions of these gumball machines on Pinterest.  I really wish I knew who originally thought of this, so I could give credit to such a brilliant idea.  I purchased 8" terra cotta pots (at approx. $2.50ea) for these centerpiece gumball machines.  The saucers which became the lids, cost about $1, and the round knobs cost $2.19 at A.C. Moore.  I was able to find the right sized bowls for $4.99 each at Michael's...this was the most expensive part of this project.  I customized my machines by adding the silver plate and metal cabinet pull to serve as the faux turn-handle.  All of the pieces were glued together with E6000.  And what kind of spray paint do you imagine I used? Rustoleum, red, gloss...yes.  These looked amazing on all of the tables! And they were the perfect, chunky size. 

The tall white pedestals holding the lollipop bouquets and candy jars were basement finds - mi casita :). These I've had for at least 15 years. The pedestals were an ugly burgundy color before I spray painted them. I glued white plates to the top with E6000.

If you have access to Photoshop, you can easily create labels like this, or you can download templates from online.  Pinterest has a ton!

{Take time to celebrate someone! xoxo, Nei}

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