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Some more pics of my recent trip to San Diego for Christmas 2012...
and Chrissy's 18th New Year's Eve birthday celebration.

Me...Fiesta Island, San Diego, CA

Cabrillo Lighthouse, San Diego, CA

Me on Rodeo Drive ;)

Jeremy at Cabrillo Monument...views on this mountainside were amazing.

My kiddos

Cynthia at Cabrillo

Baracci on Rodeo Drive...the gowns are to die for!

Rodeo Drive wanna-be-shoppers!

YSL window displays on Rodeo Drive

Holy Ferrari!!!

Had to take the pic...oh, the pup!

 Chrissy's 18th Batman Birthday...yes, she is a freak for the Batman! 
I pulled this party together for her in 1 day!

 Max put a video together for Chrissy...'twas sweet!

Like mother like daughter!!! She picked it up and started playin'. Get into it, Cynth!

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