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If you know me well, then you know that this is my favorite time of year!
 I'm almost done with decking "mi casita."  Take a looksie...

I've collected these birdhouses over the years...some of them gifts. I painted them all white and added a hint of sparkle, as I did with the $1.00 yard-sale-find ice skates. The chair was a lucky sidewalk find, and the antique armoire was given to me years ago by a special friend. I kept it simple in my white room. Total cost for this vignette? Oh, I'm estimating $10 buckaroos. Yep.

Calm and cool...if only there were snowflakes past that door ;).

A 1958 Corvette. I'd like to own one someday! But for now, this one will do.

.50 cent rocking horse...

The little tree in my foyer - love!  All rustic with different birds. Filled with twigs, moss, nests.  And as for that guy - he's been occupying that spot for approximately 6 years. My 1920's typewriter holds an vintage-styled toy advertisement.

 I love real pine garland. Plenty of branches added to it with cinnamon pine cones. Twine balls I made approximately 17 years ago.

There is always hope and peace...

In the living room...a simple wooden tray filled with garland and lights.

The tree in the living room...

Vintage-styled clocks made from recycled cd's. Saw it on Pinterest, tried it. Love it!

Vintage toys beneath the arbol.

Enzo! He's lovin' the decor!

Fireplace...simple and rustic.

{Celebrating the Holidays! xoxo, Nei}

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