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Silverware Jewelry ;)

I've been on the lookout for sterling silver forks and spoons just so I can give a shot at converting them into jewelry.  I've seen so many incredible artisans make extraordinary pieces out of silverware and have always loved it.  I've owned a spoon ring and bracelet from Oneida for about 26 years, and they've always been among my "go-to" and favorites in my personal jewelry stash.

During one of my antiquing ventures, I purchased a sterling silver child's fork - woohoo!  Here's my first attempt at a ring.  I must say, it was a bit difficult to bend and curl without the proper bending tools.  Either way, not bad at all for my first try and I truly love the whimsy of this piece.  Can't wait to make some more silverware jewelry.

{Create, I say...Create! xoxo, Nei}

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