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Xavier's "Little Rascals" Styled Sleigh Rides!

First-ly, How perfect is this backdrop?  Ok...are you ready for this? I used either discarded items (like the pallet/skid) or old things I had - yes, in my millions! Shocker, eh? :)  So my cost for this project was a beautiful $0.00!!!

I made the "Sleigh Rides" sign with a scrap piece of plywood - stained it with antiquing stain, then scribbled the text with a chalk marker.

The little "Open" sign was made with a leftover piece of barbecue wood boards. Prepped it the same way as the "sleigh rides" sign.

The stand was made by pulling apart 4 of the pieces of wood on one side of the skid, and just hammering it together. Raw and super rustic was the look I was after for this photo shoot. The age and wear of the wood was beyond perfect.

And little Xavier loved the did my cutesy pup, Enzo.

{Celebrate the season! xoxo, Nei}

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